Temporary Traffic Management Apprenticeship Scheme

The UK's first apprenticeship scheme for the Temporary Traffic Management Industry

It is recognised throughout the UK temporary traffic management industry that during the coming years the industry will likely experience a skill shortage due to a number of key factors.

One of the foremost challenges facing the industry in the near future will be ensuring that enough highly qualified and competent staff are available to carry out a seemingly ever growing workload to the required standards.

The past 10 years have seen huge growth, at a rate that has been very difficult to keep up with in regards to staffing the works with operators who have the required industry standard qualifications and competence.

Whilst there is a very extensive range of well-developed vocational qualifications available to the industry through Lantra Awards, and City & Guilds, the industry is severely lacking in focused long term training and development programs.

The traffic management industry does not have a government backed apprenticeship scheme, and traineeships or similar schemes are unheard of. Development programs such as these offer employers a far more cost effective solution for growth, with the added benefit of producing highly trained staff at their conclusion to further enhance the growth potential of the business. Without the benefit of such schemes a lot of employers are only able to provide the minimum training requirements for their needs, resulting in an industry that isn’t very well positioned for the additional demand we are likely to see placed on it over the coming years.

In the absence of such schemes, one of the country’s leading providers of training to the industry, Highway Safety Solutions Ltd, have recently developed and launched a brand new trainee program that promises to make some headway into providing the industry with a long term focused training and development solution.

The new program runs for a minimum 12 months term, with the option of a further 12 months available upon completion.

Trainees are put into a work placement with an employer for the duration of the program, with an agreed flexible ‘day release’ scheme in place to allow for the training and development of the trainee(s).

Each trainee is guided through an extensive training package of up to 17 nationally recognised & certified vocational qualifications in the first 12 months at no cost to the employee and no cost to the company with which they are placed, a package worth in excess of £7,000.

The impressive training package consists of the following qualifications:

  • Temporary Traffic Management Basic Course
  • Lantra accredited 12D M1
  • Lantra accredited 12D T1/T2 certificate
  • Lantra accredited 12D M2 full card
  • Lantra accredited 12D T3 certificate
  • Lantra accredited 12D M3 full card
  • Lantra accredited 12D T4 certificate
  • Lantra accredited 12D M4 full card
  • Lantra accredited 12D T5 certificate
  • Lantra accredited 12D M5 full card
  • Lantra accredited 12AB one day course
  • Lantra accredited 12AB assessments
  • Emergency 1st Aid – Qualsafe certified
  • CSCS Card
  • Manual Handling – ROSPA
  • Fire Safety
  • Working Safely

Additionally, each trainee on the program shall receive practical on the job training as well as further off the job training to develop their background knowledge of industry guidelines, applicable legislation, scheme design processes, and much more.

Each trainee is assigned a mentor. Each mentor is an industry professional of at least 10 years’ experience, and is a qualified Instructor/Assessor through Lantra Awards.

For more details, or to register your interest for the scheme (employers and workers) please contact us at admin@highwaysafetysolutionsltd.com or by phone on 0800 1577010.